Monday, 9 November 2009

Tarset Bastle Weekend

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October were two days packed with information, wonderful research and plenty of food for thought. TAG (Tarset Action Group) did a wonderful job putting together interesting talks, demonstrations and visits, as well providing wonderful catering throughout the weekend.

A high point for me was the lime mortar demonstration. I was really taken by the pure dazzling whiteness of the lump of lime that Richard Charlton had transported over from Bosnia. The whole idea of taking a piece of rock and (through the application of heat) transforming it's appearance so dramatically has really captured my imagination. I am thinking about how I might use this brilliant whiteness as a counterpoint to the dark and broody character of Black Middens Bastle House. On the black and white theme I was also struck by the beauty of the fungal growth (?) / lichen (?) that was growing on one of the Bastles we visited on the Sunday (see photos below).

I took some readings with my Pantone Colour Cue (a device that tells you the Pantone Colour code of any object you hold it over), and I'm still mulling over what to do with this information. I feel like I need to make some sort of system or set of rules to guide me in what I sample, it feels too random at the moment.

Apart form all the information, which I am still in the process of absorbing, I the other powerful thing about the weekend was the warmth and enthusiasm of the people I met. I hope to continue some of the conversations that I had on the Saturday evening and I am planning to visit with Jilly Morris (the current VARC artist in residence) very soon.

Boghead Bastle

The rafters at Gatehouse Bastle

A band of merry Bastlers?

colours in the landscape

markings on the bastle

beautiful lichen