Friday, 29 June 2012

further work

After the VARC project finished I carried on working with the material I had gathered. These four paintings came out of the arrangement of place names on an OS map of the area around Black Middens Bastle House. I chose the place names that have colour in them (High Green Manor for example), then created 'landscapes' with them.

This photograph shows the paintings on show in the board room at NetPark, a technology park just outside Durham.

the video installed at VARC

This is how I displayed the digital animation / video I made with all the information I gathered during the project. It is a small coal shed, just room for one person to sit inside and become fully immersed in the work.

The work that came out of the project

After a very long period of neglect (very long!!) I am finally getting round to posting images of the work that has come out of this project. Above is a painting that is directly related to the diagram in the last post.