Tuesday, 1 December 2009

In the studio

I've been trying to find ways of expressing my interest in how a landscape might be defined by the names used for the places in that landscape. I've started in quite a basic way, using an OS map of the Tarset area, I selected place names with the word black in them. Tracing round the names gave me the starting point for this new topography, simply repeating this with paler and paler ink created a new 'map'.


At last I've started making some work from all the ideas I have for this project. Below is a drawing made using elements selected from a map of the area near to the Black Middens Bastle.

The drawing I'm working on at the moment

As usual, I started reading the newspaper that I was using to protect the table in my studio and I came across this image. It's an aerial shot of bomb damaged land in Germany. It struck a cord with me in relation to the drawing i've been working on.

craters in the German landscape