Tuesday, 2 March 2010

finally getting out into the field

It felt like a long time since my last visit to Black Middens during the Bastle Weekend, but finally I managed to get over to High Green for a couple of days in mid February. I stayed with Jilly, the current artist in residence at VARC. This was great as not only did we have good conversation about art and life but, I could get started good and early. As with most of my work the task I had set myself over the two days was labourious and time consuming, but not I might add unenjoyable. It is easy to get distracted by the beauty of the vast open landscape, but I had to stay focussed on the task in hand. My mission was to record colours at Black Middens with my great new gizzmo the Pantone Colour Cue.

I decided on a simple approach taking a line of thread around the circumference of the building and measuring at hand-widths apart. This resulted in 187 measurements of colour, which I recorded in my notebook. I now have to decide just what I'm going to do with all this information!

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